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Tracks at Other Conferences

AAFP Tracks at Other Conferences

The AAFP is continuing to be recognized as the leader in feline health and education. To this end, the AAFP has continuing education tracks at many other major veterinary conferences throughout the year. Below are the conferences, session titles and speakers. For more information, please visit the individual conference websites.

Chicagoland Veterinary Conference (May 13-17, 2018) - Chicago, IL

May 14, 2018
Managing Feline Constipation – Relieving a Hard Problem
Getting Calories In: Feeding the Inappetant or Anoretic Cat
The Feline Friendly Practice: Tools for Providing the Best Medical Care
Meeting the Challenge of Feeding the Multi-cat Household
Speaker: Margie Scherk, DVM, DABVP (Feline)

May 15, 2018
Lower Urinary Tract Health: Metabolism and Stress
Optimizing an Indoor Lifestyle for Cats
Foundations for a Healthy Life at Every Life Stage
Journal Club: Updates from the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery and ACVIM
Speaker: Margie Scherk, DVM, DABVP (Feline)

Fetch dvm360 (Formerly CVC East) (May 17 - 20, 2018) - Virginia Beach, VA

May 17, 2018
Where Have All The Felines Gone? The What, Why, and How of Being a Cat Friendly Practice
Happy Cats, Happy Vets: Low Stress Cat Visits
Speaker: Michael Nappier, DVM, DABVP

Common Feline Emergencies and How to Ease Cats' Stress in Critical Situations
Speakers: Michael Nappier, DVM, DABVP and Lara Bartl, DVM, DABVP (Canine/Feline)

Toothache Tabbies: Tips, Tricks, and Troubles in Feline Dentistry – Part 1:
Periodontal Disease, Resorptive Lesions, Gingivitis/Stomatitis, and Mandibular Fractures
Toothache Tabbies: Tips, Tricks, and Troubles in Feline Dentistry – Part 2:
Analgesia and Anesthesia, Radiographs, and Dental Surgical Techniques
Speaker: Michael Nappier, DVM, DABVP

Feline Medicine at the NAVC Institute (May 20 - 25, 2018) - Orlando, FL

Speakers include:
Primary Instructor | Susan Little, DVM, DABVP (Feline)
Kris Bannon, DVM, FAVD, DAVDC; Terry Curtis, DVM, MS, DACVB; Sue Ettinger, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology); Mike Lappin, DVM, PhD, DACVIM; Sheilah Robertson, BVMS (Hons), PhD, DACVA, DECVA, CVA, MRCVS; Margie Scherk, DVM, DABVP (Feline

Fetch dvm360 (August 17 - 20, 2018) - Kansas City, MO

August 18, 2018
Feline Degenerative Joint Disease
Secrets to Meeting Feline Environmental Needs
Multiple Cat Households: Why Can't They All Just Get Along?
Prevention and treatment of feline obesity
Feline Friendly Handling: Tips to Prevent Cats from Becoming Difficult
Speaker: Ilona Rodan, DVM, DABVP (Feline)

PhD, DACVIM; Sheilah Robertson, BVMS (Hons), PhD, DACVA, DECVA, CVA, MRCVS; Margie Scherk, DVM, DABVP (Feline

ACVC (October 8 - 11, 2018) - Atlantic City, NJ

October 9, 2018
Diagnosing Feline GI Disease: Setting Yourself Up for Success
Kitten Diarrhea: An Infectious Topic
Feline Nutrition: How to Help a Non-Compliant Patient
Feline Constipation: More Than Just a Pain-In-The-Arse
Fecal Transplantation: What's Coming Down the Pipeline
Feline Traditis: Fact of Philosophy?
Speaker: Craig Webb, PhD, DVM, DACVIM

October 10, 2018
Feline Chronic Enteropathy
The Yellow Cat: Feline Hepatobiliary Disease
Failed GI Disease: Diagnostic Dilemmas and Failed Therapy
Speaker: Craig Webb, PhD, DVM, DACVIM
Safe or Stressed: Optimizing the Life of the Indoor Cat
Snots and Snuffles: Treating the Cat with Chronic Upper Respiratory Disease
Speaker: Margie Scherk, DVM, DABVP

October 11, 2018

Dr. Detective: How Do I Feed the Multi-cat Household?
Brain Teasers: Interactive Feline Cases
Feline Journal Club: Updates on Research and Publications
Wellness Programs for a Healthy Practice
Providing Better Care for Senior Cats
Blood Pressure: A Critical Factor
Speaker: Margie Scherk, DVM, DABVP

Fetch dvm360 (December 13 - 16, 2018) - San Diego, CA

December 14, 2018
Identifying problems in cats: Is it a medical or behavioral diagnosis? Or both?
Behavior problems in cats: Case presentations
Creature comforts: Environmental enrichment for every age
Cat cognition: What do we know they know?
Integrating Feline-Friendly, Less-Stress Handling Across Your Practice
Speaker: Margaret Gruen, DVM, MVPH, PhD, DACVB (Behavior)

CVE Feline Medicine Distance Education (February 1, 2018 - November 30, 2019)

This online course is designed to reinforce, deepen and broaden your knowledge of feline medicine in a practical, interactive and enjoyable way. 

Course Ambassador: Michael Lappin, DVM, PhD, DACVIM
Speakers: Susan Little, DVM, DABVP (Feline), and Jessica Quimby, DVM, DACVIM, PhD