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About Charlotte and Attendee Discounts

Visit Charlotte, NC

Experience the exciting possibilities that add character to Charlotte, from cultural institutions and attractions to world-class dining and nightlife to shopping and sporting events unique to our region. So make sure to come early or stay late to explore all that Charlotte has to offer.

Charlotte has many deals available all around the city including discounts on dining, transportation, attractions and more. You can see all these deals by going to and clicking on the Deals tab at the top of the page.

Facts about Charlotte:

  • Downtown Charlotte is called "uptown," much to the confusion of... well, pretty much everyone who isn't from there. Locals have been saying it that way for at least 85 years.
  • Approximately 75% of all the NASCAR teams in the world are headquartered within two hours of uptown Charlotte.
  • In 1917, the population of Charlotte doubled in size overnight, going from about 45,000 residents to well over 80,000 after the US Army chose Charlotte to establish the Camp Green Training Facility (now an up-and-coming neighborhood just west of Center City).
  • Today, Charlotte remains an economic hot spot. Behind New York City, it's now the country's second-largest banking center.
  • Remember the plane that had to make an emergency landing on the Hudson River back in 2009? You can now see it on display at the Charlotte-based Carolinas Aviation Museum.

We know that your days during the conference will be filled with plentiful CE sessions, walking through the exhibit hall, and conversing with colleagues, but you won't want to miss out on time spent in this beautiful city. In your downtime, make sure to see this city for all its worth.