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The Cat Friendly Practice® (CFP) program, created by feline practitioners, contains the tools for your practice to integrate a feline perspective, in both the physical environment of the practice and the way in which medical care is delivered. It equips practices with the tools, resources, and information to elevate the treatment, handling, and overall healthcare of cats. Many clients believe the common stereotype that cats often live to a ripe old age with minimal veterinary care, and more than 80% think that their cats are in excellent health and very self-sufficient.Taking advantage of feline-friendly opportunities to improve preventive care, client education, and early diagnosis of disease are ways to help clients ensure a longer, better quality of life for their cats. This builds a strong and more productive practice relationship with the client and improves the quality of care for the cat. Learning strategies to lessen the stress of the veterinary visit can encourage more frequent use of veterinary services.

Don't have a feline-only waiting room or think that you won't be able to meet feline-friendly criteria? There are many creative, cost-effective ways to make your environment feline-friendly even if you have limited space, get team members excited about making changes, and strategies to reduce stress and provide a feline-friendly experience. The CFP Program provides a guide, video, creative solutions, and other tools to help you through the process.

Check out these resources for more information:

1 Source: Bayer Veterinary Care Usage Study III: Feline Findings

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