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Winn and the AAFP offer two scholarships for 2018
February 1, 2018

2017 Survey Reveals 99% Satisfaction Rate Among Cat Friendly Practices®
January 17, 2018

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AAFP in the News

April 5, 2018 -- Good News for Pets
Dr. Elizabeth Colleran Named Germinder Power of Pink Honoree

April 5, 2018 -- Catster
Keeping Kitty Healthy

February 16, 2018 --
On the fence about embracing the AAFP's Cat Friendly Practice Program?

January 31, 2018 -- Good News for Pets
The Cat Friendly Practice® Program's Influence on Feline Medicine Continues to Grow

January 29, 2018 -- Conscious Cat
Cat Friendly Practice Program Improves Veterinary Care for Cats, Cat Parents and Veterinary Teams

January 22, 2018 -- AAHA
Seventy-nine percent of hospitals surveyed say being a Cat Friendly Practice pays off. Literally.

January 18, 2018 -- Veterinary Practice News
Survey reveals cat-friendly practices rate high in client satisfaction

January 4, 2018 -- Pet Kare Clinic
Designated Cat Friendly Practice

January 2, 2018 -- Steve Dale's Pet World
8 resolutions for pets

December 3, 2017 -- The Daily Progress
For Pets' Sake: Instead of Declawing Your Cat, Offer Safe Places to Scratch

November 29, 2017 -- JAVMA
AAFP president wants culture change towards cats

November 2, 2017 -- ARL Now
Healthy Paws: The Senior Cat

October 31, 2017 -- Partners for Healthy Pets
Pounce On It! Become a Feline-Friendly Practice

October 29, 2017 -- Steve Dale's Pet World
Celebrate International Cat Day

October 28, 2017 -- Lady Freethinker
Denver Moves to Ban Cruel Cat Declawing

October 25, 2017 --
How to Make Vet Visits Less Stressful for Cats

October 24, 2017 -- American Veterinarian
Feline Euthanasia: Part 1 - Ethics, Aesculapian Authority, and Moral Stress 

October 20, 2017 -- Business Insider
Greenfield Veterinary Clinic Sends Veterinary Technicians to Attend AAFP Annual Conference

October 11, 2017 -- American Veterinary Medical Association
AAFP takes strong position against declawing, offers resources

October 10, 2017 -- Rutland Veterinary Clinic
The endless benefits of a Cat Friendly Practice

October 9, 2017 -- Veterinary Viewfider by Dr. Ernie Ward Podcast
Fun with Feline Expert Dr. Susan Little - Episode 5

October 3, 2017 --
AAFP Take a Harder Line on Feline Declawing

October 3, 2017 -- Steve Dale's Pet World
Cat Friendly Practices, Join the Cat Community

September 11, 2017 -- CBS News
Declawing cats? Veterinarian group has claws out for practice

September 7, 2017 -- Veterinary Practice News
American Association of Feline Practitioners revises declawing position

September 6, 2017 -- Veterinary Practice News
AAFP Cat Friendly Practice endorsements promote program

August 15, 2017 -- petMD
Cats in Carriers: What's Going Through Your Cat's Head?

August 6, 2017 -- Commercial-News
Ardisana: Help Ensure New Kitten's Success 

August 4, 2017 -- PR Newswire 
Kindred Biosciences Sponsors Veterinary Students to Attend the 2017 AAFP Meeting

August 3, 2017 -- PR Newswire 
Carrie Ann Inaba Joins Royal Canin To Rally Cat Owners To See The Vet This Year As Part Of A National Take Your Cat To The Vet Day Campaign

July 31, 2017 -- PetMD 
Why Cats Don't Get the Care They Need (And Deserve)

July 31, 2017 -- Veterinary Practice News 
AAFP Releases Two New Client Brochures for Feline Veterinarians

July 14, 2017 -- Steve Dale's Pet World 
What Cat Friendlier Mean to You 

June 10, 2017 -- Steve Dale's Pet World 
The Benefits of a Cat-Friendly Veterinary Visit

May 16, 2017 -- VetSuccess
Should You Make Yours a Designated Cat Friendly Practice®?

April 18, 2017 -- Steve Dale's Pet World 
Fear Free and Cat Friendly Practices Save Lives

April 6, 2017 -- American Veterinarian
The Cat Friendly Practice® Program

March 31, 2017 -- Steve Dale's Pet World 
Cat Friendly Practices: The Best for Cats

March 7, 2017 --
Cat + Patio: Build Your Own "Catio"

March 1, 2017 -- Conscious Cat 
A Cat Guardian's Bill of Rights for Vet Visits

February 6, 2017 --
Deliver the Bright Side of a Feline Diabetes Diagnosis

February 4, 2017 --
3 Mistakes Clients with Diabetic Pets Make 

January 31, 2017 -- Veterinary Practice News 
Why You Should Join a Veterinary Organization

January 26, 2017 -- Good News for Pets
Being a Cat Friendly Practice® Has Positive Impact on Staff, Patients, and Clients

January 23, 2017 -- The Conscious Cat 
AAFP Launches The Cat Community Website

January 5, 2017 --
Pounce on These Veterinary Scholarship Opportunities

January 4, 2017 - JAVMA 
Young Leader Becomes AAFP President

January 4, 2017 -- JAVMA
Creating Cat-Friendly Practices, Homes, and Shelters


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