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Press Releases

AAFP Releases New How to Feed a Cat Consensus Statement to the Veterinary Community
October 30, 2018

AAFP Releases New Feline Anesthesia Guidelines to the Veterinary Community
July 10, 2018

Winn and the AAFP Announce 2018 Joint Scholarship Recipients
May 24, 2018

Winn and the AAFP Offer Two Scholarships for 2018
February 1, 2018

2017 Survey Reveals 99% Satisfaction Rate Among Cat Friendly Practices®
January 17, 2018

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AAFP in the News

December 1, 2018 -- JAVMA News
The path from a polydactyl cat to the AAFP presidency

December 1, 2018 -- JAVMA News
AAFP grows in service to cats, profession

November 28, 2018 -- American Veterinarian
AAFP Releases Consensus Statement on Feline Feeding

November 26, 2018 -- Lifestyle Insider
11 dream jobs for people who love cats

November 12, 2018 -- AHAA
She wants YOU to fetch dinner? Tell her to go feed herself

November 1, 2018 -- Veterinary Practice News
Cats need to hunt, forage for meals, says AAFP

October 31, 2018 -- ZME Science
Veterinary community releases tips and tricks on how to properly feed your cat

October 30, 2018 -- Science Daily
How to feed a cat: Consensus statement to the veterinary community

October 22, 2018 -- American Veterinarian
AAFP 2018: Decontamination of Toxicoses in Cats

October 17, 2018 -- American Veterinarian
AAFP 2018: Managing Upper Respiratory Infections in Shelter Cats

October 9, 2018 -- American Veterinarian
AAFP Releases First Feline-Specific Anesthesia Guidelines

October 2, 2018 -- AAHA
Forty percent of cat owners find veterinary visits personally stressful. Lessen their stress with these free, online tools

September 6, 20188 -- Veterinary Practice News
Improving the veterinary experience for cats

August 19, 2018 -- The Pet Buzz
The Pet Buzz Show with Petrendologist Charlotte Reed & Michael Fleck, DVM

August 15, 2018 -- AVMA
AAFP releases first feline-specific anesthesia guidelines

August 9, 2018 --
AAFP releases first anesthesia guidelines catered to cats

August 9, 2018 -- Veterinary Practice News
Take Your Cat to the Vet Day gains celebrity support

August 8, 2018 --  The Berkeley Independent
4 Tips for Choosing an Expert Vet Clinic

August 2, 2018 -- Reader's Digest
This Is What Dog and Cat Years Really Mean

August 1, 2018 -- PR Newswire
Royal Canin Encourages Cat Owners to Participate in National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day Campaign with Help of Ian Somerhalder

July 23, 2018 -- The Conversation
How old is my pet in dog years or cat years? A veterinarian explains

July 20, 2018 -- Today's Veterinary Nurse
Behavior Understanding the Cat

July 20, 2018 -- Today's Veterinary Practice
Understanding the Cat

July 17, 2018 -- Daily Herald
Meow Meetup Chicago comes to Rosemont this Weekend

July 11, 2018 -- Veterinary Practice News
American Association of Feline Practitioners releases new anesthesia guidelines

July 1, 2018 -- JAVMA
Frustration mounts over opioid shortage

June 25, 2018 -- Today's Veterinary Nurse
Understanding the Cat

May 25, 2018 -- Veterinary Practice News
Winn, AAFP announce 2018 scholarship winners

April 26, 2018 -- AHAA
TRENDS IN YOUR INBOX: The Cat's Out of the Bag

April 5, 2018 -- Good News for Pets
Dr. Elizabeth Colleran Named Germinder Power of Pink Honoree

April 5, 2018 -- Catster
Keeping Kitty Healthy

March 28, 2018 -- Steve Dale's Pet World
What Vaccines Do Cats Need? A Guide to Shots for Cats

February 16, 2018 --
On the fence about embracing the AAFP's Cat Friendly Practice Program?

February 9, 2018 -- The Vetty Awards
Cat Friendly Practice Wins 2018 Vetty Award – Best In Show

January 31, 2018 -- Good News for Pets
The Cat Friendly Practice® Program's Influence on Feline Medicine Continues to Grow

January 29, 2018 -- Conscious Cat
Cat Friendly Practice Program Improves Veterinary Care for Cats, Cat Parents and Veterinary Teams

January 26, 2018 -- Aiken Standard
How to Choose a Cat-Friendly Veterinary Practice

January 22, 2018 -- AAHA
Seventy-nine percent of hospitals surveyed say being a Cat Friendly Practice pays off. Literally.

January 18, 2018 -- Veterinary Practice News
Survey reveals cat-friendly practices rate high in client satisfaction

January 4, 2018 -- Pet Kare Clinic
Designated Cat Friendly Practice

January 2, 2018 -- Steve Dale's Pet World
8 resolutions for pets

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