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Student Outreach

2017 Scholarships 

Winn Feline Foundation (Winn) and the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) are pleased to announce two joint scholarships for third or fourth year veterinary students enrolled in an accredited veterinary college or school in the United States or Canada. The two $2,500 awards will be based upon academic achievement, financial need, leadership, and dedication to and excellence in the study of feline medicine, health and welfare.

The Boards of Directors of both the AAFP and Winn enthusiastically approved the collaboration of these two leading feline-dedicated organizations in developing and implementing these two joint scholarships, one $2,500 scholarship for a veterinary student with a feline practice interest and the second $2,500 scholarship for a veterinary student with a clinical scientific research interest.

Submissions for the 2017 Scholarships is now closed. 

The Student Center Includes:

  • Access to the AAFP’s resource toolkit for veterinary students and toolkit for technician students. These pdf toolkits are an invaluable resource for veterinary students and feature vital facts and information about working with cats. The toolkits also give students advice on how to apply and share the knowledge gained from the toolkit after graduation.  
  • Free Classified Ads – Post your desire to seek a veterinary position or externship
  • Discount on AAFP Annual Conference  – Students receive a substantial discount on the AAFP’s Annual Conference
  • AAFP Free Webinars-- The AAFP has many complimentary webinars available for viewing
  • Free AAFP Rounds on VIN (for veterinary students)
  • Access to the JFMS Online
  • Other valuable feline-focused resources       

The Student Center is password-protected and the complimentary login information may be obtained through your faculty advisor or by sending an email to

Student Center Login-Veterinarians

Student Center Login-Technicians

Veterinary Schools 

We strongly encourage you to network with students at other veterinary schools who share your interest in feline medicine - U.S. Veterinary Schools and Technician Schools.


If you are looking for an externship, please click here. There you can view any available opportunities that are posted. If you would like to post that you are looking for an externship/internship, please login above and obtain the form. 

Veterinary Education Tools

The interactive VIN Foundation Cost of Education Map compares the tuition and total cost of attendance (tuition plus estimates of living expenses) among U.S. and Caribbean veterinary schools derived from data on school websites supplemented by input from the students attending the schools. Regional veterinary salary ranges are as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Details provided for each U.S. and Caribbean veterinary school include: in-state tuition, out-of-state tuition, cost-of-living, NAVLE pass rate, and changes in tuition over the past decade.

The Student Loan Repayment Simulator is a tool that can be used to illustrate the potential impacts of life choices based upon your veterinary school loans. Please note that this tool is simply a simulator and not a financial advisor or calculator.

The "I Want to Be a Veterinarian" application discusses: what veterinarians do, is veterinary medicine the right choice, how long you have to go to school, and much more.