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About Indianapolis and Attendee Discounts 2014

About Indianapolis and Attendee Discounts 2014

Attendee Discounts
Visit Indy Travel Guide

Indianapolis was built to be attractive to visitors. Therefore, there are many things to do in Indianapolis and downtown Indianapolis is full of attractions and sights for you to experience. Indianapolis has been recognized by the Wall Street Journal as having the nation's #1 hotel value. That big, blue building? That's the striking new JW Marriott hotel, part of the 1,600-room Marriott Place complex that offers four different hotel brands at four different price points, which is exactly where the AAFP guests will be staying. These hotels are linked to yet another new development: the combination of Lucas Oil Stadium and the vastly expanded Indiana Convention Center.

Other amazing things that Indianapolis is known for are the fantastically high-rated restaurants, the largest children’s museum in the world, the Indianapolis Zoo, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and the Circle Centre, which is a four-level mall and a downtown landmark. Also, don’t forget that Indianapolis is host of the famous Indianapolis 500 and the Super Bowl XLVI in 2012. There is plently for you to do and see while you are in this gorgeous city of Indianapolis.

Facts about Indianapolis:

  • Indianapolis is the 12th largest city in the United States. It is the only major city not on a River.
  • The Indianapolis 500 is the largest single day sporting event in the world.
  • Indiana is called Crossroads of America due to the fact Indianapolis has the most interstate legs in the U.S.
  • Elvis Presley’s last concert was in Indianapolis at Market Square Arena in 1977.

We know that your days during the conference are filled with plentiful CE sessions, walking through the exhibit hall and conversing with colleagues. After a busy day you may not want to travel far, and there is no need to do so in order to take in the sites of Indianapolis. Please feel free to take advantage of the discounts we have to offer while you are in Indianapolis.