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Find Veterinarians and Practices

The American Association of Feline Practitioners is a leader and driving force in feline medicine. Our members have access to a wealth of resources and continuing education to further develop their knowledge and expertise in the field. AAFP membership is voluntary and open to any graduate veterinarian or veterinary team member who has a strong interest in feline medicine.

In 2012, the AAFP launched the Cat Friendly Practice® (CFP) Program. This program was created by expert feline practitioners and is open to all veterinary practices that have a veterinarian who is a member of the AAFP. Each approved CFP Practice has demonstrated their dedication to increase the quality of care that felines receive.

The Cat Friendly Practice® (CFP) program is now in 45 states in the continental U.S., 8 Canadian provinces, 3 Brazilian states, and Mexico.

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