American Association of Feline Practitioners

Veterinary professionals passionate about the care of cats

Caring for your Cats

The key to a healthy and happy cat is a well-informed and understanding owner.

What Every Cat Owner Must Know

Cat ownership is an important responsibility. Find out what you need to know and why routine preventive examinations are so important.

Core Resources - Environmental Needs

Every cat has basic environmental needs to help them live a healthy, happy life and to help them feel secure in their environment.

Adopting a Cat/Kitten

There are many things to consider before deciding to adopt a cat.

Setting Up for Adoption Success

The introduction of a new cat is exciting but it can also be stressful. Here you can find important suggestions to get you off to a good start whether you have a multi or single cat household.

Introducing a Cat/Kitten

There are steps in order to introduce a cat into your household. Find out what you need to know to introduce your cat into a household without cats or a multi-cat household.

Dental Care for Cats

The American Veterinary Dental College states that periodontal disease is the most common clinical condition occurring in and cats. By three years of age, most cats have some evidence of periodontal disease, but it is entirely preventable.

Recognizing Signs and Symptoms

Cat's are masters of hiding illness. Find out what are "normal" behaviors and what are subtle signs and symptoms of illness.

Senior Care

As our cats age, their needs change. It is important for cat owners to understand aging change to provide ongoing care and comfort.

Feline Toxins and Poisons

With their keen sense of curiosity, as well as their dedication to cleanliness, cats are at risk for being exposed to a number of toxins and poisons. Find out which toxins are harmful to cats, and links to helpful resources.

Parasite Prevention

Controlling parasites in your cat is an important part of preventive health care. Parasites not only affect your cat's health, but some, referred to as "zoonotic parasites," are transmissible to people as well.

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