American Association of Feline Practitioners

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Feline Behavior and Care Tips

Getting Your Cat to the Veterinarian

Often it can be stressful getting your cat into the carrier and bringing them to the veterinarian.

Claw Trimming

Trimming a cats claws takes a little practice but is not difficult. And it's a great skill to have in your cat care repertoire.

Alternatives to Declawing

It is important to understand that scratching is normal behavior for cats that has an inherent function.

Brushing Your Cat's Teeth

Brushing your cat's teeth at home is the best thing you can do to maintain your cat's oral health.

Medicating Your Cat

Administering medication to your cat can be an intimidating task but it is vital to their health. There are several tips and tricks that can help you to eliminate the stress for you and your cat.

Teaching Kids About Cats

A family cat can bring endless joy to a household but it is important to teach children of all ages how to appropriately interact with their furry friend.